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Farm Products

The Wine

The wine comes from a 9 acres young vineyard ( 85% San Giovese, 15% Merlot e Cabernet), which generates about 30000 kg of grapes in a year. Later on, the yield is processed in the ancient farm wine cellar. We keep our wine in 42Qli oak vat and in 2Qli barriques.
Campospillo is set within the producing area of the Morellino di Scansano DOCG, which is why the main product is a fine Morellino, respectful of its specification . Along with the Morellino, the red wine of Campospillo also shares a San Giovese base, but it is characterised by little limitation in mixing with other vine varieties.

The Oil

Campospillo’s oil comes from an exquisite centuries-old (even millennial) olive grove surrounding the heart of the estate. The premature activity of olive harvest usually takes place during the first 15 days of October, when the fruit is ripening (invaiatura) and changing in its colour.
The process of olive pressing (frangitura) takes place throughout the day in the farm oil mill. All these practices produce an intense fruity flavour (due to polyphenol being at its peak), as well as a strong bitterness and a pleasantly persistent spiciness.
Despite not being an essential characteristic, the green colour of the olive is agreeable to the eye and it completes a highly valued product.

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